There’s More To It Than That

Sometimes I can have an extended season of interest in something. I’ll be all over it and fascinated to find out about it. Some of those things become a regular standby for me. I can venture there in my mind whilst waiting for a loved one to finish their engrossing conversation about something or other.

One of those things is the sci-fi television programme, Dr. Who. It recently finished it’s tenth series since its return to the television screens in 2005. Ten series – each made of 12 episodes – if you don’t include the Christmas specials. That’s 120 episodes. That’s a whole heap of hours engaging in various stories and adventures with the Doctor and his friend(s) in his mysterious transportation pod that travels in space and time. Ten years, four main leads, various friends, highs and lows. It’s always intriguing and yet …

Of late I had noticed that there were very familiar themes that dominated through all ten series. To the degree that as the current lead actor is about to depart it signals a time for the programme to undergo change and a change that can go far deeper than just the main character. Maybe it could recognise a greater breadth in storytelling to a relatively limited scope its explored in the ten seasons.

Anyway, there’s another place where I could go a lot more into the specifics where that’s concerned. The point of raising the point is that it reminds me that some people can get so familiar with something that it narrows their scope of the something. No wonder people speak about getting bored about something because their scope on the something is so narrow. You tell someone that they could live forever and a point raised is that the thought of it would be boring.

This however, shows a tremendous ignorance.

This is seen in no better an issue than the issue of learning to love God. The Apostle Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3 was his desire that the saints would discover the width, height and depths of the love of God. That invitation to explore was a quest into the unsearchable riches of God. People think that there’s so much to explore in outer space, yet we haven’t even scratched the surface of the amazing love of God operating in our inner space – our inner intimate space with God and each other. That invitation is one to know the love of God that doesn’t change and yet it is so vast and diverse that we can never truly be bored by it. It’s deep, it’s rich, it’s true and just when you think you know there’s more to know and settling for what you already know limits the scope of something that is eternal and infinite in nature. That’s a massive disservice and hugely wasted opportunity.

My desire in knowing the love of God in concert with other brothers and sisters in Christ is that I won’t settle for what I know. Whilst appreciating what I experience and fully engaging in the presence and present tense of it – I don’t want to set up a memorial and a mausoleum to that thing that happened way back when and just walk around it. Remember it sure, thank God for it, definitely – but there’s so much more to know. It should mean that we don’t go for a long time and just pander over particular expressions as though that’s all there is to know about God.

There’s more to it than that.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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