Working It Out – Dryden July Update 

I have not looked at the midpoint of the year so intently before. Time has tended to pass by and I have only tended to reflect and consider things at the year’s end. 

The reason why this is different, however, is probably down to a different intentionality to the year. So from the end of last year there was a different approach to the year and to life. Something about looking at things again and asking what is it that God wants? I made notes and shared them at the start of the year with a few close friends. Life carried on, but there were always those notes and now having completed half the year there’s a sense of wanting to see what progress has been made. It’s all about the plan and looking to see if things are going well where that’s concerned. 

So far things are progressing well. 2017 so far is full of good memories. Meeting old friends, making new ones. Making significant strides in attaining certain necessary goals and being challenged to tweak others. The family are doing well overall and it’s great to have a network of friends who have been so helpful in stretching my faith and agreeing with God on key steps to take. 

For all that, there is still a sense of more to be done. For the great that’s been experienced, there’s a feeling that greater is ahead and to reach it will require faith, humility, trust and obedience. Some difficult decisions to take in the short term, but seeing as though they are more necessary steps of faith, I am assured God will be with us as we take those steps. 

I do agree that more often than not, failing to plan is usually a plan to fail. Futile routines and meaningless living is often down to not having a plan in mind. As a follower of Jesus, there’s a good sense of a plan being worked out – a plan to see the Kingdom on earth, a plan to witness life and light being displayed to defeat the death and darkness too often experienced. In that plan there’s a role for me and I am working out that plan. 

There’s no guarantee of what time I have, so I am grateful for the great that I have experienced. I am grateful for the now even as I look ahead. I am thankful for the now even as I reflect on what it took to get here. It’s not that everything is right and there are no issues or problems, it is that in it and through it all I am glad to know God is for me, with me and calling me to follow in His way. 

Thanks for your prayers. I still need them. I don’t have all the answers, but I am enjoying following Jesus to work it all out.  

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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