Talk About The Committed Few

I salute and applaud the committed few. When certain initiatives begin with the hype and excitement it can draw a crowd. People get caught up with promises of great benefits if they subscribe, participate and contribute. That all sounds good at the start. There’s also the appeal because there’s a crowd, so it must be […]

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Talk About A Reformation

My mentor mentioned the fact that this coming October would see the 500th anniversary of a significant moment in the Christian religion. For the first 18 years of my life, despite being brought up in a church environment, I had absolutely no idea what the Reformation was about. It was never talked about in any […]

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… To The New

What keeps me going among other than is what I am going towards. It’s like no matter how many times I read or hear of being a new creation in Christ and the old passed away and the new has come and the new heavens and earth and the New Jerusalem – the newness of […]

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From the Old …

The old way wasn’t working. On the contrary, it was counterproductive in every way. What was supposed to be a help turned out to be a massive hindrance. Suffocating and stifling any hope of life, love and joy. Something had to be done. The invitation was given to go the new way. That invitation was […]

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Breaking and Moulding

In recent times things have been a little busy for me. Family life is still the priority for me and that expresses itself in different ways. Paid work takes its time, then there are other responsibilities that demand my attention. In it all it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and then I remember. There […]

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Untapped No Longer

We were doing a group task. Adults mostly over the age of 30, many with young children and many who were coming from hard days at work. I could understand if some of them were tired and just wanted to be fed stuff to passively take in for future reference. Yet all of them were […]

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Looking Back, Going Forward

It’s funny how I remember some things. The other day I was reflecting on the account of creation in Genesis. I love contemplating on that beautiful account of God and the world we live in. I was thinking of lessons to learn from the account, like things starting in a mess but ending up very […]

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