A Couple of Things

If you browse through this blog you will not find many photos of me. That’s because I don’t like posting photos of myself. Primarily because I don’t see the need. So it takes much for me to voluntarily do so. 

The two human beings on the left are two people I have a great deal of love for. They are my kinda people, because they love to love God and pursue His purposes in this life. It was a great honour and privilege to spend quality time with them. Authrine and I are enriched for the experience and not just by the food! Spending quality time with them opened up once more the reality that life is better done together – sharing time, passion, dreams and life’s many issues in a sphere of trust, truth and transparency. These two help us tremendously with that. 

So I post this to say thank you to them – my peeps Mulenga and Chissy. I hope others get to be with others like these who help to explore and experience God’s goodness in life together. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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