Being A Platform for the Star of the Show

There are many things my parents wanted for me, but one thing that they didn’t want for me was for me to be the star of the show. They expressed this desire by living lives committed to supporting others from behind the scenes. They made it look really cool to be supporting folks and seeing them come to the fore rather than looking good themselves.

Unsurprisingly, as I grew older, in as much as some of the gifts made me more likely to be closer to the front, my inclination has tended to be towards seeing others get their time to shine. So it was a delight to develop a friendship with a dear brother in Christ who was all about setting up platforms on which people could stand secure to practice before others what God had placed in them for the benefit of others. I love his passion for creating opportunities for people to discover their contributions to society and to make them in the context of a supportive community. This really should be part of what sets the church out from other gatherings – and my friend is certainly founded on church foundations. It’s just that often in the busyness of perpetuating similar services, building fund-raisers and desperately seeking to maintain their routines some expressions of church can minimise or neglect this role. So my friend has had to carve out a niche through gatherings and friendships. In it all, one thing about the initiative that remains endearing is that it is not personality driven – it’s not centred on my friend. He is not the start of the show.

That service mentality goes a long way to explaining why we as believers can point to the real star of the show in our lives. Putting the focus on Him in fact puts the spotlight on someone who came to serve and not to be served. The centre of our attention lived, died and triumphed over death to enable others to recognise that they are not the star of the show, but can be a platform for others to show off abilities and talents that gets others to see who the real star is.

My friend inspires me to look for ways to be a platform for others so that together we can display a light shining brightly enabling others to see for themselves who is worthy of all the applause, credit and praise.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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