Journeyman Journal: A Gnawing Feeling About A Change Of Direction …

For the longest time, I’ve had a feeling that’s been gnawing away at me. The feeling that the conventional approach to life is largely unsatisfying.

By that I am referring to the idea that life revolves around getting a job, getting a wife, getting money, getting on the property ladder, getting a motor, getting regular holidays, getting children, getting old, getting retired and getting dead. It’s a crude notion of the conventional, but tell me that’s not the brochure that at least unconsciously we buy into.

I think a lot of that gnawing feeling is about the life of Jesus I see in scripture and how it’s been taught to me. There’s something about that and the episodes of men and women in scripture that didn’t quite live up to the conventional approach to life. It’s like fulfilment in life is a lot more about what fullness of life looks like in putting all the energies and capacities given to you to being light in the world. That light is in no way limited, restricted to or expressed solely in the confines of the conventional. It’s like life in the Spirit gives you permission to do exactly what He leads you to do and that can be such a diversity and variety of exploits that the conventional alone cannot sufficiently cover.

Following Him can lead far beyond the conventional, even as it fully acknowledges and influences those in the confines of the conventional. Indeed sometimes it takes walking with Jesus to see how much more there is to life than  the conventional which can inform, enrich and expand the conventional – if you are to return there.

Yet that gnawing feeling in me – a feeling I have had for such a long time – where He leads me, I have to follow and every so often there is the nudge to go into …

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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