About Blaming Circumstances 


They open and they close. They illuminate and they conceal. They console and they provoke. Their effect on the attitudes,  behaviour and condition of people cannot be underestimated. 

Something happens. The words we use describe a picture and a narrative that we buy into. That narrative can do much to see how we will respond to what happened. We arrive at the things that happen with a narrative already running in our head. The words we buy into either reinforces that narrative or changes it in subtle or dramatic ways. 

The words that should really matter are the words from God that can help in the shaping of the narrative we should be buying into. However, there are plenty of other options available – and we are only too happy to explore those other options rather than give the truth a chance. Nevertheless, it is what we do and as a result we veer away from what would lead to peace in the light of what happened. 

There is something about what leads to peace that should appeal to us, especially if words we hear can drastically change our approach to what is and leads us to realise what can be, if we pay attention. 

There are those days when I just want to complain. True story. I can talk about what could have been. I can wish things were better for me and my family. I can mope and grumble. That is well within my locker. Recently, however, I was challenged again with this question: who is really writing this story that is my life? If I am the main writer, then no wonder it’s never good enough, no wonder I can’t see right for all the wrong. If it’s all down to my words, I am in a whole lot of trouble. 

What if I acknowledge there’s a better writer. What if I acknowledge He has a narrative that is as much about what He reveals about who I am now as what there is to be later? Trusting life in the hands of the Word is a good way to allow my perspective on my circumstances to be one that leads to peace is a better way of living. 

In the meantime, enjoy some good … 


For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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