Journeyman Journal: God and His Works of Art

Relationships matter. People are a great way that God shows His love and goodness. They’re an insight into how creation really is a work of art as well as a work from the heart. 

I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine. She shared her heart to be responsive to God in contributing to the Kingdom cause. It was inspiring hear her heart to bless individuals and also make an impact on the larger picture in which people find themselves. It evoked in me the image that you can fish, you can hire fishermen to fish or you can own the sea. Obviously by owning the sea, I am not suggesting you can ease the Almighty from his ownership of the waters. It is about being significant in the infrastructure to the degree that you make a positive change to how the whole thing works. 

That is about pictures you have. It’s not for everyone to see the same picture, but influential individuals can bring the pictures to the hearts and minds of people to engage them in a way far beyond the humdrum approach of getting money to make a living. It helps people to see that if they fish they play a vital role in the existence of man. If they employ people to fish, they are not masters over servants, they are enablers who serve those who play a vital role in the existence of man. 

The beauty of the Kingdom of God as presented throughout scripture is how it impacts all the pictures of life, if we have but the heart to feel this new rule of Christ. 

From that awe inspiring conversation with that woman of God, I had the great pleasure of returning to a former love of mine. That love is the love of chess. For a season in my life, I absolutely adored the game. Was a part of the school chess club, even went and did work experience at my junior school and helped run the chess club there too. Man, it was a lifetime and a half ago, but a good memory. Another dear friend of mine is also a chess aficionado and when I discovered that, I was keen to connect with him on that score. So after years of waiting, we finally got to sit down and have a game. Doing so reminded me of why the game fascinated me so much. Here is a game based on conflict, a conflict that involves the pictures you have of how you can best progress to your desired outcome. It’s a responsive game based on strategy and tactics. The ability to enact both and knowing how to apply the latter to serve the former is the key to progress. Being flexible to changing circumstances is so useful as well. Those kinds of experiences spoke a great deal to me especially regarding a number of frustrations and challenges I am engaged in even now. It was great to be reminded of the game again and to play it with such a humble, kind and meek friend. Those kind of experiences are ones I am privileged to note, grateful for the way in which these relationships and experiences bless me tremendously. 

The challenge now, however, is to be faithful to what these words from God say to shape and direct me in this particular season of my life. It is the word of God that makes the difference to enable me to see the picture I need to see and work towards. In doing so I also appreciate I need to be aware of the conflict ongoing between the forces of darkness and the Kingdom of Light. That conflict is one I can witness victory in as I follow the true Grandmaster, in the moves He makes and the steps He directs me to take. 

Meanwhile I am forever grateful to Him for the pictures in which I find myself. I am grateful that His pictures continue to be glorious works of art. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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