Things In The Dark Come Out In The Light 

There is this thing some of us do to protect people. We don’t tell them everything. Now what is true is this – people don’t need to know everything. They don’t. It is not for them to know each and every aspect of everything we have ever done. 

That, however, is not what is really meant by not telling people everything. What is usually meant is that we withhold information from those who get close to us to protect them from the truth of what we have done and even worse what we are still doing that would damage people’s opinions of us if they found out. So to protect them, oh sure and to protect the self too, we just withhold that information. In time we also go onto reason to ourselves that what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Before long, because we can keep it going, we even justify it because things are great as they are and don’t need to be spoiled. So we keep it going. 

That’s fine with those who we think we can manage that way. It is not as simple as that in our relationship with Jesus Christ. In fact one of the most fearful and liberating things about life in Christ is that He is the light and in Him there is no darkness – that means that habit of withholding to protect, which, sometimes in the honest moments is us choosing to stay in the darkness – is confronted with irrepressible light. At that moment Jesus offers us a hand out of the darkness. He offers us a hand out by forgiveness, He shows us the way by His grace. In following Him, He assures us that rather than investing efforts in  protecting our image, it’s worth embracing the new creation we are in Him where there is no condemnation. That means there’s no need for the secrets. No need to hide. 

That is not about going around giving full disclosure to everyone about what we did last summer and the summer before that. It is, however, the joyful sound of freedom if we want it to turn from the darkness to the light. 

Meanwhile, there is the reality that some of us won’t be able to get to that stage, because we have convinced ourselves that things are alright as they are. No need to rock the boat. Just keep things going as they are. In fact we love things just as they are. No need to change a thing. Even if that brings us to reject the very light that could lead us to a better way of life. 

Either way, though, sooner or later, what is the dark will come to the light. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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