More Than A Group of Individuals 

There is something a little annoying about the focus on the individual. 

If human existence was just about the individual why on earth were we made as relational beings whose greatest expression is found in individuals getting together, working together, connecting together? 

Anyway, recently I was reflecting on the great experiences I have had at work in a team. It’s easy to be in a company where you are nothing more than a cog in a machine who is only useful as long as you work yourself to a frazzle whereby on the end of your usefulness you are disposed if for another cog. But that is not the case in every workplace. There are those sweet occasions where it is a joy to go and work because you are a part of a team of people who love what they do, love the people they get to work with and ultimately love to collaborate with their colleagues to construct something of great benefit to those they serve. 

It does not happen overnight, but there’s an intentionality about it that overcomes some significant odds to strive and thrive in supporting each other, getting the best out of each other and knowing they can depend on each other. It’s a beautiful place to reach and yet is the platform to something better. Far better as accomplishing targets and goals is seen in the greater light of the positive impact on the lives of people we serve by seeing us together as more than just a group of talented individuals. 

The bond, the jokes, the camaraderie, the cooperation, the knowledge that there’s no failure in this kind of team, there is always support. There is always care. There is always the stimulating for growth and releasing people to further fulfil their potential in other teams that will essentially benefit because of us in our team. 

No, I am not being idealistic or delusional. I know that which I speak of, I know it to be real and know it to be something worth making every effort to achieve in the glorious pursuit of fruitful life and productive work together. 

That thought certainly helps address the annoyance over the over-emphasis on the individual. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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