About the Sunburst 

This beautiful photograph was taken by a man I admire a great deal. He took this whilst at a place called Godfrey. When I saw the image, I loved it immediately and the name sunburst appealed to me. 

It highlighted for me what is so delightful about the sun bursting through the clouds lighting up and radiating the area with such a glow it stands out from its surroundings. 

There’s another friend I have who is like that in person whenever I see him. He shows up and as soon as he does his presence radiates the place. He is such a warm, engaging and friendly person. It’s clear that he makes a difference to his surroundings, not overtly and in a contrived manner, but just because in him being authentic others are drawn to him and he allows them to feel lighter and freer in his company. It’s a remarkable trait. No surprise what he puts that down to. It doesn’t take long in any conversation for him to share snippets of the life changing encounter he had that turned his life right way up. 

He says that the joy he has inside him is not something he can not keep to himself. It’s like something that bursts out of him without him saying a word. It’s true from what I have seen. To know this is all because of the love of God is amazing and challenging. 

It makes me desire to love Him and embrace His love all the more so what flows from me is that burst from the Son of God – truly the light of the world. 

(HT: Ricky Rew for the photo. Great job.)  

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 

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