A Word On What Matters

It’s interesting to me to see well meaning people propose and promote positions with passion that essentially are pointless. It’s interesting and somewhat tragic. All that passion channelled into something that in the greater scheme of things counts for nothing. 

The deathbed scene is often referred to and in that scenario as you breathe your last, are you really going to mourn over not doing more of certain things that in this position and with that perspective are as fruitless as they were when there was a lot more to live for?

I know quite a lot about pointless pursuits pursued with passion. I have been drawn to a lot of it and thankfully been rescued from a lot of it by the challenge of eternity. Some folks live for legacy, hoping to do enough for children and grandchildren to follow. In Christ there is something even greater to attain to – leaving an imprint that lasts for eternity. Not just for your children and grandchildren, but for those who may never know your name, see your image or even be able to google you. 

What that is about is joining God in His great endeavour to fill this earth with the reality of His righteous rule in all things. That is about recognising the privilege given to be a part of His family and engage in His activities in this earth. Presenting, demonstrating, declaring and growing in what it is to be children of the holy, righteous, joyful, peacemaking God. Seeing that impact every nook and cranny of life from your fashion statements to your pastime pleasures. 

Wholehearted, all of life given to the One who gave all of His life for all who believe to truly enjoy all of life – its overflowing essence permeating all of creation.

That is certainly something worth your consideration. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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