You’ll Never Know That It’s True Until …

Often I feel like I was born in the wrong era. My childhood was the peak solo Michael Jackson time when Thriller and Bad dominated the charts for a while. Madonna was also a big deal apparently and here in England we had a number of pop groups that were pouting and giving the impression they were all that with tunes that in retrospect left something to be desired.

As it happened, though, because of my upbringing, I never really got my kicks from that type of music and those major stars. Even in the gospel field I was supposed to be listening to certain types, but more often than not would be more than happy listening to folks whose prime was slightly before my time.

Reflecting on things recently I came across this old chestnut of a song written and performed before I was even born. I love this track  and it got me thinking again about the relationship we have to take with the gospel truth. It’s one thing to hear it, it’s another to embrace it and accept it. The truth of the gospel and the Lordship of Christ in all of life as the lamb who took away the sin of the world is something that is not just a mental assertion. Engaging with the Messiah who really does liberate, restore and invite us to this glorious Kingdom of Light, is something to be embraced by the entire person. It genuinely is life changing.

What I love about the Word, though, is that it works – people hear it and then they can acknowledge, even as this song unashamedly states clearly that you will never know that it’s true until it happens to you.


For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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