First Letter


Letters forming words. Words forming sentences. Sentences forming paragraphs. Paragraphs forming statements for your consideration. In many ways it’s fairly simple, yet sometimes it can be made so complex and challenging. When you talk so much, you can get lost in the multitude of words and indeed lose all sense of what it is you’re really saying and believing. To help with that, often it’s good to stop with the words out and focus more on the words inside. 

Even that process is a challenge to return to just the essential words. Not the pages, just the first page. Not the paragraphs, just the first paragraph. Not the sentences, just the first sentences. Not the words, just the first word. Not even all the letters, just that first letter. The first, the essential beginning. Where it all began and what was in that first that formed the foundation for everything else that followed. 

In the rush to become something or someone, it’s worth going back to the essential beginning. Seeing what was said then, what was meant and how it shapes and defines what follows. That reference back to the first letter can indicate that where we are now is slightly off track. That reference to the first letter can help to rearrange us properly. Get us back on what the important things are and discard everything else we have unnecessarily attached to it. 

Fruitfulness comes by faithfulness to the first letter. What He said first and was most important. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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