June Check Up: A Dryden Update 

The last time I gave an update on things was back in the beginning of April. That feels like a long time ago. It’s just two months, but that has been a packed two months. 

You may have gathered that the vast majority of that time on this blog has been dedicated to continuing and completing the series on the book of Psalms. There has been more to my life than just the Psalms. 

Among the highlights has been witnessing my middle daughter celebrate her 11th birthday. Abigail is a tremendous girl with so much going for her it is incredible. I love her a great deal and am grateful to God for having her as a crucial part of my life. 

There’s been a fair amount of things going on in my life and it’s sometimes a wonder there is time to breathe. In it all, I am learning to let go of things to have the space to take up others as well as learn more about what’s worth keeping and for how long. It has been my pleasure to engage with learners in different settings, that’s been great. I love to learn and it’s great sharing that love to support others in doing the same. 

A great friend of mine had a wedding celebration which I was privileged to witness. The road trip back was also very memorable. It went to show that journeys are great to take in good company. It’s something I love that there’s good company with me on the journey. 

It is a journey, it is going somewhere and it’s growing in becoming on the way there. I am seeing opportunities to grow intentionally on the way there. That calls for further changes, but something I am aware of is the importance of praying, planning and putting things in action. I am not you. I am me. The me I am is realised as I cooperate with God in hearing Him, walking with Him and learning to do what He is showing me. That often is tough for me. It’s tough because it draws me out of me and it brings me in contact with the parts of me I prefer to repress. That’s necessary though. To walk in the light means giving everything over into it. A reluctance to do that is a step towards harbouring that which should never be harboured. 

Finishing Psalms feels like a gap in what I do here on the blog, but the writing thing is not something I want to let go of at the moment. The rhythm and regularity is good for me and may also help just in case … In the meantime, however, there’s some free time to put some thoughts on a range of subjects right here on this blog. 

Thank you again for popping along. It’s my heart’s desire to see the Kingdom of God here as it is in heaven. It’s my desire to see that impact those from the centre to the circumference of my life. Lots of lives to be touched by the goodness of God in Christ. Whatever part I can play in that is a delight. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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