A Brief Word On A Big Book 

There is no Psalm 151.

Unlike the continuation of the book of Acts where the good news is still being shared around the globe, there isn’t the same thing with the collection of Psalms. The collection ends at 150. That’s not to say there are no other great works written and included in this collection. There’s no room for more either. That collection is sound as a set. 

It has been an incredible journey through the collection over the previous 150 days. I know I haven’t done justice to some of them in blogging about them. With others, I like to think I left a decent reflection on what I read and what read me. Overall, I have loved this journey and my appreciation for the collection has gone up considerably. The amount of Psalms I just plain never read and were powerful highlighted just how wonderful this experience has been. It’s worth appreciating all that God has laid out for us in the collection. 

Thank you for following me on the journey. I trust your love for the book has likewise increased. Special thanks to Authrine, Rae, Gyaps, and so many others for the likes and words of encouragement.

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden


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