Psalm 146 – Praise the Trustworthy God 

This is something I maintain vigorously: It is easier to say, “I love you,” than “I trust you.” 

I am not saying trust is better than love. I am saying that there’s no more significant expression of love than trust. That takes a lot especially as we get older and some become more wary and less trusting. Yet even for the most cynical there is a propensity to place trust in someone and/or something. Twenty years ago there was a wave of euphoria and optimism at a new government leading the UK. The US was captured by a similar hope and optimism when a President was elected on a crest of a wave of hope of a bright future, almost ten  years ago. In both cases the hopes and dreams of many were dampened by decisions that affected their administrations. 

People place trust in celebrities, inspirational leaders in finance, self-development, education, medicine and other exploits of human endeavour. Their hopes ever dependent on the progress individuals make. Sports fans get engrossed, intoxicated and almost attached in a deep and spiritual way to the men or women who represent their desire for success. So much faith and trust is invested in these people that the crash that results from failure or disappointment of a significant kind can cause them to spiral out of control. Closer to home and a husband or wife can be so consumed with the other that it’s stifling, placing unrealistic demands from people who share two common experiences in life: being let down by others and letting down others. Children idolise their parents and when they notice chinks in the armour of perfection, such can be the setback that the trust may never return. 

In all this, the words of the Psalmist should prove to be wise words to heed. That value commodity of trust should not be conserved for risk of hurt and disappointment. Neither should it be frittered away on even the most attractive of leading figures. Rather that trust should be invested in the ever trustworthy, ever faithful, ever reliable Creator of the Universe. His track record is ever on show of being there for people at their lowest ebb. He is ever sustaining, feeding, rescuing, healing, comforting, nurturing and truly providing salvation for those who put their trust in Him. 

I love how He lifts, loves and liberates His people – it’s something He can be trusted to do. That’s why it makes sense to put your trust in Him and follow His lead in every aspect of life. It’s also a very good reason to praise Him because He is so trustworthy and what we can trust Him for is so amazing. 

It’s much better to trust Him than anyone or anything else. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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