Psalm 144 – For The Coming Peace 

I am a huge fan of this Psalm. 

Everything in this is building up to the glorious time of peace – real, true, lasting peace. Peace as evidenced by the removal of crime and the threat of evil. Peace as evidenced by the flourishing of the offspring and a fruitful and prosperous land wherein that offspring can flourish. The picture of peace depicted in itself is breathtaking. 

The means of reaching that peace is even more epic. In as much as the Psalmist is prepared for conflict, he knows the victory is only accomplished by God Himself establishing it. Peace that lasts and is meaningful comes when God intervenes to establish once and for all that it is not the wicked who prevail. It is not injustice that wins. It is not the greedy that are blessed. When He fights the battle, it is one that is thoroughly won not out of taking glory in violence, but in taking joy in the rule of a glorious God ushering true peace in our time. 

That’s something worth singing a new song about. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 

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