Psalm 140 – What Justice Demands

Conversing with God brings with it certain appeals that can be made to His character. 

The Psalmist can make a request that some might be uncomfortable with in regards to his enemies. He can make this request not based on his own merits, but because of who God is. No, not a bloodthirsty violent sort who relishes in violent means to achieve His ends. No that is not the God the Psalmist appeals to. He appeals to the good God of righteousness and justice. The appeal he makes is for protection and is for God to exercise justice. 

Consider how justice in our world operates. Good flourishes when evil is overcome just as darkness is defeated in the presence of light. The appeal for justice, is that appeal that when surrounded by the forces of darkness and evil, God Himself will deal with them. Our rescuer and Saviour will come to the rescue and save us from those who desire to perpetrate evil and darkness. 

Today, I am grateful to be aware of the God of Justice. Something has to be done about evil and injustice in the world. Someone needs to do something about it. I am not calling on people to die, but I am calling for the greatness of God to once again overwhelm the forces that oppose Him. Looking to the Holy One for justice is the best place to appeal for it. As we likewise do so, we can be assured that He will do what’s right and what’s good. While He is doing that, we can endeavour to follow in the way of righteousness and justice, so we won’t fall foul of the very God we appealed to. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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