Psalm 139 – A Check Up With A Difference

It’s fascinating seeing people’s responses to this Psalm. 

It’s very easy to grab onto those parts of the Psalm that makes the human look good. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Thoughts to me are vast. 

This is not, however, an ode to the brilliance of humanity. This is a tremendous point of praise to the greatness of the character of God. He knows us, He made us. It is not a matter of Him finding out about us, it is about us finding ourselves through Him. Not knowing a narcissistic manner, but as an outlet of the relationship we develop with Him. The focus on Him reveals us to us. It reveals His glorious way of weaving us together and our ability to take all that and still choose to do evil. 

Even the extent of the Psalmist’s anger at the wicked is something he reflects on as the piece comes to an end. He never wants to be blindsided by his iniquities as he berates those who take pleasure in wrongdoing. That place of humility, always seeing yourself as God sees you is so important in the wider scheme. Leaving yourself open to whatever he has to show you about you and then pledging to follow Him as He leads you in such a glorious way. 

This is not a humanist document, this is still very centred on God in what has done and will do. As we pursue His thoughts, it’s important to appreciate just how kind He is to us and because of that it remains our responsibility to live in a way where people recognise who is really at the core of our faith. 

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden 


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