Psalm 138 – Praise the God who Relates


Just think of the word and the concept. Beyond human comprehension in totality. Splendid, magnificent and awesome in all dimensions. 

When growing up and hearing about amazing people, famous for great things, I was given the impression that they were not attainable. You couldn’t touch them, talk to them, engage with them at all. Because they are great and I was not. Even today there’s a degree to which I feel as if some people cannot be reached or touched. They’re just not willing to stoop. They have their close crew, but no one else is allowed. 

Great though they are, they don’t even come to being in the same stratosphere as the Creator of the Universe. Yet look at Him, relating with the lowly and not too fussed about reaching those who call out to Him. He is ever ready and willing to help those who need Him. 

He is accessible and retains His greatness. He is magnificent and means to engage with His creation in that. There’s yet another great reason to praise Him and extend that good news to others to partake of this great reality. All because of … 


For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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