Psalm 135 – Great God, Great Track Record

There is a chant that is sometimes used in football games that suggests that a striker of a greater quality ‘scores when he wants’. That degree of acknowledging brilliance in doing whatever he wants can also be attributed to the Creator of the Universe.

God, though, does not need to give you His CV to earn your approval.

This Psalm, however, does a great job of outlining great reasons why it’s worthwhile applying the worship that is integral to human existence in the right place.

Among the many great reasons here is to establish again the key advantage God has over all pretenders – He is living, omnipotent and glorious in engaging with His people. It’s a stinging jab to hear the Psalmist contrast this with the pretenders who may well have been crafted to have senses, but are actually senseless and those who devote worship to them will end up the same way.

The Psalmist refers to idols made of silver and gold in his era. These days the idols take on forms and shapes a bit different to those days, but nonetheless are equally senseless as objects of worship and lead to similarly senseless outcomes for those who devote time, energies and thoughts to them.

It’s worth considering the greatness of God. It’s worth looking at His greatness in creation, in His acts of salvation, in His deeds of restoration, in His works that established His people that were once not a people. Just considering His greatness and His great kindness to mankind is something that makes it all the more compelling to take on the Psalmist’s encouragement to praise Him.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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