Psalm 131 – Calm Down

The picture the Psalmist evokes in verse two of this Psalm is powerful. It’s the response and a great contrast to a first verse that’s hung up with the hype of getting wrapped up with things truly beyond our comprehension. How is it done? How can it be done? Why was it done? When will it be done? Often we get so enraptured with such concerns we don’t even notice how pointless it is. 

Look at that image. That weaned child is content. It’s all good, it’s alright, all is well in that world. The child grasps nowhere, is desperate for no one and is anxious for nothing. The child knows where to go. Knows the source and has complete trust. Because the child belongs there is no need for worry at all. That should be a good hint for all who claim God as their Father. 

A massive hint. That you are free to take! 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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