Psalm 129 – When Dealing with Great Opposition 

Patient, kind, tender, compassionate, forgiving and merciful. Reassuring and beautiful qualities of our glorious Lord. He is not a soft touch, though. Neither are His people. 

They likewise can express those godly values and yet be aware of the pressing force of opposition that has blighted them over time. That enemy, for the Psalmist,  was a real physical personal foe. After so long being entrenched in adversarial engagement, the victorious Psalmist wants justice and judgment. He won’t execute that himself, but he is certainly looking for that to happen. That sense of a distinct and clear cutting off from good and the source of everything good. 

The deal is fair from this perspective. Opposing a child of God in their quest to be pleasing to God puts the opponent in defiance to the will of God. He will not just leave it there. For the sake of justice there will be appropriate action taken. For those who know their God, it reinforces our responsibility to show others the better way to be and not be found in opposition to the Creator of the Universe. For just as the Psalmist endured the torrid treatment because of someone far greater, so that hope will be of great help to us when the adversary prowls. 

It’s about time some of us experienced the Lord coming through for us as we wait on Him in the light of significant opposition. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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