Psalm 128 – Basis of Being Blessed 

It sells really well. How to get rich quick. How do find Mr/Miss Right and enjoy true love forever. How to be a great parent. How to live without sickness. 

Those kinds of promises have people rushing to get the latest books, watch the latest videos, attend the latest conferences, buy into the latest craze and jump on the latest bandwagon of whatever is promising your best life now for just £xxxxx or $xxxxx. 

Religion is not immune to that way of appealing to followers. It’s almost a sales pitch to buy our product because it’s better than the others and all your wildest dreams can come true. Unsurprisingly you could read this Psalm and think this is the ticket to the best life ever. 

If that is the motivation then it misses the point. The basis of the blessed life is relational. A relationship so wrapped up in the other involved in the relationship, knowing Him and delighting to do His will that nothing else matters. Acknowledging and giving due reverence to the One who reveals Himself as the Great I Am. Creator and ruler of the universe. Majestic, mighty and holy. As such the appropriate response is to ever be pursuing Him and His way. 

Making that your life’s all consuming passion is the only basis of the blessed life. Are there benefits to that? Sure. But jumping in for the benefits and not embracing the basis is not an option. 

It’s intriguing how one of the benefits is to eat the fruit of the labour of your hands. That benefit is illuminating in a day and age where people truly enjoying the fruit of all their hard work is becoming more and more rare. Working for hours and hours and never getting to enjoy what you’re working for. Having so much but never getting to enjoy it out of anxiety or that gnawing sense of never being satisfied however much we have. Contentment and satisfaction don’t come with the guarantee for the latest consumer goods because they are qualities that come from someone who really knows what contentment is. 

That all consuming pursuit of right relationship with Him opens us up to experiencing the soul deep satisfaction of genuinely enjoying all that we work for, because we work for Hs glory. 

It’s something worth considering to discover what it really means to be blessed. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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