Psalm 122 – Praying for the Peace

They called it the City of David. Were there an advisor at the time there might have been a suggestion to change its name to something glamorous like Davidopolis or Davidtown. You might think that’s a little silly, but why do you think there are places called Alexandria or Jamestown? 

Nope, they didn’t change its name, they kept it because it was fitting. As they made it the capital city it morphed into becoming a strategic religious centre. And it was all in the name – Jerusalem: City of Peace. 

No wonder, then, that the Psalmist was very keen to celebrate the place where dwelt the presence of the Lord in the Ark of the Covenant. Centuries later focus is still given to the city. Prayers are centred on it. Not just the temple, but the entire city because of its significance as the royal location for the Prince of Peace. It’s the place to be and so for all the inhabitants it is crucial that they are considered in their prayers. 

Yet if the thinking for reading the Psalm today is to just think about a city of peace geographically located in the Middle East that would miss an opportunity. What flows from the city of peace is the reality that right where we are we can experience that peace. The peace isn’t exclusively wrapped up in that land. It’s available for the living temples of the living God. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the cities of peace located wherever the community of Christ are located. We pray for the peace for their sake and the sake of the loved ones in those locale. 

We pray for the peace in the knowledge that when the King comes to rule it is a rule that will cover the earth. We pray for the peace in anticipation of the foretaste of the peace that can be experienced now preparing us for eternity of this peace. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden