Psalm 120 – Dear God, Deal With The Liars

This Psalm is intensely personal. 

Here is a Psalmist dealing with some nasty pieces of work who make matters worse for him through their lying. Few things in life are more despicable than deceitful people in your space. Sounding sweet in one breath to your face whilst sowing discord behind your back. Talking tough and supportive by your side before being feeble and divisive when you leave. 

Some people experience at work, in the home and other places where you expect better than that degree of wickedness. There has to be the understanding, however, that we will not improve things by taking matters into our own hands. We have the precious privilege of being able to call on God and trust Him to come through for us in dealing with those despicable types. 

It’s easier said than done when you endure such tough circumstances, but grace is often available to show us the bigger picture. That grace also gives space for no waste to displace the smiling face of a person who knows God supports those who love His Word and love Him for what He does all the time. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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