Psalm 114 – This Is Awesome

Theme parks and pleasure centres go out of their way to create thrilling experiences for the paying customers. Rides and attractions which go as far as safely possible to take your breath away and leave your senses heightened and frazzled at the audacious technical marvels. 

Other entertainment feats are put together to similarly dazzle, amuse, stimulate and evoke strong emotional responses to the ingenuity of man. No expense is spared to do better than the last attempt. These efforts are made worthwhile when viewers remark how awesome the experience was. 

As yet, however, no one has performed such a tremendous feat that nature itself is taken aback by it. God, merely displaying His glorious character, shook the very foundation of the earth He created when He called His people out of slavery to make them His own. It was truly awesome as the sea made room for the people to cross before drowning the pursuing former oppressors. It was truly when mountains shook and fire roared when He showed up to confirm His covenant with His people. 

This display was not for entertainment, but it drew greater awe than all of man’s best efforts combined. For there is something truly awesome when God shows up to let His creation know that we belong to Him. It is awesome to the degree that not even death can subdue that glorious reality that our God will do what is necessary overcoming all opposition for His people to know that He is theirs and they are His. 

That is awesome. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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