Psalm 111 – A Lifetime of Study (No, Not That Kind) 

It remains a reality that some people finished school grateful to emerge from the ordeal technically alive. The thought of a classroom sends shivers down the spine. The mere word study would bring them close to the edge of insanity. The experiences were painful, it is something they don’t want to even have nightmares about again if they can help it. Tell someone it’s time to study and they think it is something to be left to boffins and other academic types. 

The affliction is evident in church where the word theology and the thought of being a theologian conjures images of grim faced old gentleman with vocabulary bigger than an elephant or young bucks eager to show off their knowledge of men long since dead who wrote words in ye olde English. 

This Psalm is evidence that theology is not just about books, books and more books. In fact if anything true worship is true theology, because appreciating who God is and seeking to know Him is what theology is all about. That is done as much like enjoying a great meal or a stunning sunset as it is spending time in Scripture. 

Exploring who He is and what He has done and is doing is definitely a lifetime’s work. That work is not best done reading a book and taking notes. That delight is best experienced engaging with Him in the many ways He opens for us. Talking and listening, watching and participating. 

So here is an invitation to know Him through His wonderful works. Works that had you in mind. Works that were delivered so that you could enjoy a lifetime of beauty even in tragedy and mystery even in clarity as you dive head first into the quest that leads far beyond this life. 

It’s alright, you won’t need to go back to a classroom to get the best from the experience. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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