Psalm 102: Favour for a Change

This Psalm tells the issue of a person going through some real hardship. He doesn’t ease up with regaling how bad he is. He lays it on thick to give us the clear impression that if we think we have it bad, we ain’t seen nothing compared to his state of distress. 

The turning point for this is the verse noted here. By turning point, I don’t glibly refer to a part where it all works out alright and there’s a happy ending. This is not written from that position. This is written to remind us that the things that happen to us leave us with a choice of how we respond to the happening. We can choose to take it on and suffer with it, grow embittered and let it become cancerous. 

We can choose to be honest in throwing our cares on Him knowing He cares for us. We can choose to look at it as a chance to be real with God and then look to Him to change things around, allowing us to experience His grace shining on our lives in that specific area. We can ask Him based on His track record, based on His listening ear and His desire to relate. 

Keep crying out for favour for a change.  

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden