Psalm 97 – Invitation to Admire the Supreme

It’s seen in certain entertainment extravaganzas. The strobe lighting, the smoky atmosphere, the blaring music, the atmosphere is set and as the dancers and backing singers take their place the lights dim, music softens and then builds to a huge noise hyping up the crowd as the main attraction takes to the stage to the delirium of the adoring masses who have come to see their idol perform. The entrance is magnificent, the sound of the crowd is deafening, the adulation is overwhelming. 

For a person who is in essence just another human being, susceptible to flaws and failings, destined for death just like everyone else. Energy, passion, commitment and devotion to flesh and blood that will fail and in the larger scheme of things holds no power other than that which the worshipper offers. The gift is magnified, the channel of the gift is idolised but the Giver of the gift barely gets due acknowledgement. Whenever He is referred to it is so casually mentioned in passing that it is an afterthought. 

The Psalmist here, however, gets the true vision. He sees all creation giving due praise and fanfare. In the light of the Supreme, the Psalmist encourages those with Him to stick with Him because unlike idols, the one true living God will actively deal with those that opposed Him. That is why it makes sense to get on the right side. Not out of obligation or with selfish motives. From a true heart in the light of ongoing revelation of God, grow in knowing Him. 

Respond appropriately to the invitation to engage with the Supreme rules over all. It’s an invitation worth treasuring and acting on.  

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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