Psalm 94 – There For You 

This is not a shy and retiring Psalm. 

From the get go, the Psalmist is looking for God to do justice. For vengeance to be done properly, it’s best leaving it to the One who will execute it in all fairness, justice and righteousness. This is a great Psalm for God as a good judge. 

That theme is going well through the Psalm and then we come to these verses. It would be remiss not to highlight just how gracious, loving and forgiving God is and the degree of His commitment, it’s outlined in those verses. Wherever we are and whatever we do there is His ever present grace. 

I love that line – I thought I lost my grip but He upheld me, presumably with His right hand that is mighty. Oh and as for that consolation. I can tell you of how good God is. That consolation having been burdened down with so many issues. Yet there is life. There is hope and there is a chance for a life to be rescued. 

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden 


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