Psalm 93 – Who Is The Big Deal 


I loved that word the first time I heard it, without even knowing what it meant. Then when I heard what it meant and the sheer power of the effect it has when done superbly I love it even more. 

Sure there are times for the diminuendo, that has its place for sure. Yet the thrill, the build up, the increase, the rising tensions culminating in the sound of all sounds can make every nerve on your body cone alive at the attention of the big deal of the big noise. 

This Psalm is a crescendo. Whether floods or efforts of other mighty forces, they all must be the supporting actors in the establishing and uprising of the Big Deal of the Universe. We make comparatively pitiful efforts to laud celebrities, sportspeople, renowned personalities for royalty, religiosity or other area of repute. We give out awards and pay our tributes with baubles and trinkets, yet all of these are wasted and are of no ultimate consequence in the light of the true Big Deal of the Universe. 

This Psalm points us vividly to the Mightiest of the mighty, to the Holiest of the Holy, to the Glorious of any in whatever type of glory. This Psalm is a great crescendo to the Big Deal of the Universe and it’s about time we got in on the act of acclaiming this Awesome One, praising Him, loving Him, Magnifying Him for who He is and all that His creation continues to reveal Him to be. There and then we will partake in the only praise worthy of the name forever more. Our lives completely taken over and wholeheartedly engaged in one priceless activity. 

The eternal crescendo. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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