Psalm 92 – Rest, Reflect, Refresh and Replenish 

I love the boldness of this Psalm. I love its strong declaration. I love the promise in what it says. To flourish is a concept worthy of investing time in considering and then applying especially when you discover the source, the foundation of all true flourishing. 

I also love and intrigued by appropriate a Psalm like this is for the Sabbath. You can rest in the completed work of the Lord. You can rest in His righteousness. You can rest in His relentless resourcefulness. You can rest in the One who gives rest from all of our enemies. You can rest assured that He who riles in the affairs of man will always allow those who rest in Him to flourish well into their old age. Ohhhhhh I am loving that. 

Rest in your Rock and your Redeemer

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden