Psalm 91 – Safety Goes Beyond Locked Doors

[It’s my honour and privilege to share a guest entry on the blog for this entry in the Psalms series. My dear friend and sister in Christ, Afua Gyapomaa Bampoe, aka simplygyaps, shares a compelling insight into this fascinating Psalm.] 

When thieves steal from a house, they get harsher punishment than stealing on the street. This is because a dwelling place is meant to provide safety. Intruders are not expected or welcome to violate this safe space – the law frowns upon such acts.

As Christians, we have the sweet invitation to make the Lord our dwelling. The Psalmist clearly expresses this in such a comforting way. The enemy can touch your flesh, but not your spirit whilst you dwell in God’s secret place. And oh boy, how there will be great punishment for the enemy for even trying to touch you whilst enjoying the security of this sacred space.

Safety is an interesting experience. Is it found in absence of chaos? Or is it something we can experience right in the middle of chaos? It is way more than a physical experience – it’s also mental, emotional and spiritual.

Where do experience true safety? In a mansion behind closed doors? In the comfort of your meticulous planning? Do you experience safety in the normal rituals and routines you have set up as all that consists of your life?

Maybe it’s time we looked deeply at us and our community to see where we can find a place of trust, a place of true safety.

For your consideration



Marvelling at March and Anticipating April 

At the start of March I blogged here that I hoped after the excellent month that February was that March would be even better. I also said it would be based on an ever deepening relationship with God. I don’t think statements like that can particularly be classed as prophetic. It’s more like spiritual common sense that if your relationship with God gets better then your life does too. That better life is not about you getting your own way all the time and living in the lap of luxury. It is about growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and as such being more in tune with Him and His desires for you on the earth. 

February was an excellent month, no doubt about it. But March was even better. I am so glad I have been able to document on one format or another just how great March was. Not just eventful but deeply meaningful in a number of areas. Relationships were developed. My wife and I established deeper connections with other couples. We had the great privilege of attending the wedding of a great friend of mine who I  his wisdom thought it would be a good idea to make me his best man. Being selected for that honour remains one of the highlights of my life for a friend who means so much to me. 

The theme for a few of us was the Holy Spirit and focusing on Him over the month was a lot more than insightful. The perspective it gave me on things like what matters in life where He is concerned made me sombre, sober, humble and passionate, excited and hopeful. I knew there was power in prayer, but this month took that confidence up another level as the earnest prayers of the saints saw some amazing breakthroughs in the life of the Dryden Family. 

As a result of the blessings, it has set things up for a crucial month of April. We will definitely need the wisdom of God to negotiate some vital moves we will need to make. There are more opportunities ahead, but it will all be about treasuring the leading of the Spirit in all areas of life. The thing about following Jesus is really about being bold and courageous in doing some things that others may not understand, support or like. Some steps ahead will leave others behind, but as long as the Spirit is in it and with it, His character will be prominent in grace, kindness and gentleness and that will allow you to make those moves in humility and meekness, but not procrastinating out of fear of man to do so. 

So I am very much looking forward to April and following what God has in store for me as I seek His Kingdom. If you have been following the entries since the start of the year, you will also note that this month is significant because of a very important number coming up. More on that closer to the date. 

Meanwhile, please continue to pray for my family and I. We just want to be pleasing to God in all we do. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden