Psalm 90 – One Way to Get The Help 

Worship is expressed in different ways. One of the things I am growing to appreciate about worship is how it should help us be a lot more reflective. This kind of Psalm helps with that process. It’s good to get a perspective on life from an eternal standpoint. Here the life of a human is nothing at all. Their span of influence is likely to be largely minimal in comparison to the vast nature of creation around them.

Recognising that and also knowing there is the one and true living God behind it all, should allow us to temper our prayer requests. WE shouldn’t be placing demands on Him as though He is a waiter longing to do what we please. Seeing how He sees animated pieces of dirt flounder without him in their feeble effort at life, should give us pause for thought. However sophisticated, civilised and modernised you might appear, it counts for nothing in the light of eternity.

Acknowledging that in worship then becomes a sobering and humble platform from which we can appear before God. This is not about fear and dread, this is about appreciating the basis on which we can approach Him when we need the help. That should, like one of the meekest men in history, spur us on to be meek and humble both before him and others so that in due season someone may be able to support those suffering who were at one point taunting and teasing those who are not in as good a position as them.

From this consideration of meekness and humility, we can then look to God to bless us, not for our own plans in our own way, but in pursuit of His will done His way. That should teach us to make the most of every day we’ve been given.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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