Psalm 88 – When Darkness Is All There Is 

It is one thing to come across a lament, but this Psalm in particular is relentless in its commitment to being morose. 

Sometimes the Psalm is read with an eye looking for the hit where the Psalmist looks up in hope to God, where remembering the goodness of God bursts through the darkness. 

None of that here. 

The description of the desperate straits the writer finds himself is grim. It’s grim, because sometimes that’s the way life can come across. In settings like that, there’s something about just honestly stating that to be the case. Even to the point where it feels as though all the grim things appear to be happening because of God. No point in keeping that to yourself to fester and poison whatever relationship you have left with God. Makes more sense to present that to Him. 

Faith is not about the absence of feeling or the thought that everything always has to be pleasant for the believer. Connecting with God is about the honesty available to say it when darkness is all there is. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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