Psalm 87 – City of God 

It’s interesting how many people invest a lot in a piece of land. Holding such national pride over a piece of land that was not even called that nation generations before. So many lives dedicated to a concept of a nation as if the nation was always in existence and will remain in existence forever. That view just simply isn’t the case. 

In this Psalm, the admiration given to Jerusalem is not primarily about the real estate. It’s not mainly about how David managed to bring it into being his centrepiece of rule. What establishes Zion as somewhere of great value is what God bestows on the place. Blessed by God, no place is ever ordinary. Beloved by God, no place can be casually neglected. Beautified by God, no place ever loses its special status in His eyes. Beheld by God, whatever and wherever God bestows a beautifying blessing like His beloved becomes something and somewhere to be treasured. 

The Psalmist here need not give a brochure approach to the place as if looking for someone to approve and visit. This is a celebration of what God has chosen to call His city. Even this is a foretaste of when heaven on earth is an eternal reality as we look up to the city coming from heaven – the New Jerusalem. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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