Psalm 79 – Tough Times and Tough Talk

Our sensibilities might find this Psalm unsettling. Some of our sensibilities, that is. When the going gets tough it can evoke some tough talk. 

The situation was definitely tough here. God’s people being abused, God’s house being abused, the name of the Lord was up for abuse by those who chose to do something to see Him belittled and rendered irrelevant. That degree of abuse cannot be rationally discussed in calm fashion. When what is dear to you is violated so flagrantly it must evoke much more than just a cerebral response. 

The talk has to get tough. The enemy has to be dealt with, the opposition have to be held to account, sometimes it’s a bit more than justice we desire. We want those who have committed such atrocities to be given the worst possible treatment. That’s honesty. That’s tough talk. 

Underlying that, however, remains the desire for God to be revered for all the wrongs that have taken place to be made right. The desire is for him to be strong and show Himself strong so that those around us can know beyond a shadow of a doubt who is in charge in the affairs of the universe. 

That, sometimes has to be expressed in tough talk for tough times. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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