Psalm 78 – The Longsuffering God 

Exasperated. Sometimes this word is the most appropriate for interactions with children. To be fair, I can imagine my parents may have expressed a similar emotion when considering their children. It’s particularly annoying when children fail to acknowledge and remember the level of sacrifice that it has taken to provide the standard of living they enjoy. Quick to grumble about not getting their own way, they are not as quick to remember not just getting their way, but escaping stronger reprimands for wrongdoing they committed. Just when you think they are getting it, they will pop up with another episode of a strop on because a sibling did something inconvenient to them or their parent didn’t allow them to get what they wanted. 

This Psalm is a long and tragic outline of how like a Father, God looked after His people. So many great acts done for them. Yet like that stroppy child, His people refused to acknowledge and remember all the good things that was done for them. Flagrant in their ignorance they would grumble against God and constantly put Him to the test. That degree of unruly behaviour lead to them reaping the consequences in some cases very heavy consequences. 

Yet time after time God would show mercy to them and not treat them as their sins merited. It doesn’t negate from His just character, it highlights how amazing His love is. It also shows what a good God He is to even go as far as to provide a good shepherd to shepherd the people with integrity and skill. 

Almost like another set of people could do with a Good Shepherd to keep us in line ever remembering His goodness and kindness to us and when we mess up, returning to Him in contrition. Ever grateful for the patient and long-suffering God. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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