Psalm 75 – God’s Got It In Hand

Judgment. It’s not always people’s favourite subject to talk about. Usually because of our inclination to go down some conversational roads that are not too pleasant to consider. 

As with most conversations, it is something to be considered carefully. That means it has to be considered and this Psalm goes some way to considering it. What it highlights among other things that there is a Judge who can be relied on to judge fair and judge right. 

It’s also reassuring to know that this Judge has carefully considered the deeds of the wicked and has just the thing for them to consume. And by the sound of it, this will not be a sparkling vintage red wine to down with joy. 

As we see the rise and fall of so many different figures, it is not for us to get overly concerned if their rule appears to oppose the divine. It is for us to consider again what it means for God to rule. What it is for us to trust Him to judge in elevating and demoting people as He sees fit. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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