Psalm 74 – Bring Salvation For Your Sake, O God 

Psalm 74 does not paint a pleasant picture. The sanctuary has been ransacked and laid to waste. Mockers of God are in the ascendancy and those who love Him and His statutes are seemingly in disarray. Leading to this outcry, this moving plea and lament. 

Sometimes it feels like a lost art being able to communicate with God in this way. It’s as though such is the rush for uplifting love songs to Jesus, that there’s little scope for painful, sorrow filled cries to God for brutal situations. And saints today still go through brutal situations. Situations where it seems like not only has the whole host been let loose, but they brought in their cousins of mayhem with them to add salt to the wound. In situations like that Psalms like these give us the voice to lament. We can stand on these words to let God know just how stricken we are by the situation. 

Yet, still, in the devastation, there is still a faint cry out to the God with the track record of deliverance. There lingers the memory of the God who controls all the elements and was able to bring a global superpower to its knees. There remains the knowing that He has conquered everything that ever sought to oppose Him. Now that hope and reassurance is swelled by the victory Christ delivered at the cross. He knew about the devastation of loss and He knew resurrection power that overcomes the world. 

We can lament, we can cry out and as we do so we can look to God to honour His Word and His glory. We can know again beyond all doubt that He who rescued His people in time past can rescue us today and put the enemy to shame and the adversary to flight. 


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