Psalm 66 – Praise for the Place of Abundance 

If you follow some people’s perception of life in Christ, you would get the impression that nothing bad should happen to believers. You could also view all the bad things that have happened to you as awful in and of themselves and that’s all there is about it. 

That’s why some have a problem with the thought of God still being sovereign in tough times. Reading a Psalm like this won’t help them either. Yet this Psalm certainly helps those who are receptive to note that there is a key outcome worth holding on for. 

The Psalmist doesn’t keep things pretty. He acknowledges some bad things took place. There is in that a journey in it all with a destination in mind and on reaching that destination because of the clear leading there is great reason for hope and joy. 

That reason is the abundant space up ahead. That glorious place of victory promised for those who praise Him. 

That does not excuse gross injustice and depraved incidents. It is no justification for examples of inhumanity that’s witnessed everyday. It is to say that perspective can keep us focused on knowing that through it all not only can we learn to trust God, we can be assured that in Him there awaits an outcome that tramples to smithereens those iniquities in the light of the abundant place up ahead. 

Praise God for the abundant place. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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