Psalm 62 – Trust In Him Alone 

The Psalmist is adamant. His position is not for negotiation. He is firm on the matter and wants the people to be similarly persuaded. 

It’s not too far to suggest that he would be just as solid on the issue and look for others to get in line with the contention. That contention namely being that we should trust in no one else but the Lord. It is about where we put our ultimate trust when all is said and done. That can be a tough call if wicked people appear to be thriving. That can be a tough call when the victims increase with no sense of respite in sight. 

This is why Psalms like these are very useful. To God the human life – great or small – is as insignificant as a small blow of wind as far as life span and achievement are concerned. In His position of justice, we can depend on Him to do what is right. That is why it is more than worthwhile to remember the reassurance that God has reinforced time and again – power belongs to Him, He will sort out humanity fairly. 

Just trusting Him is tough, but it’s with your own best interests at heart. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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