Farewell February, Marching On

Looking back on February, it was a very good month indeed. 

One weekend I spent it with three brothers I don’t see that regularly at all. We met in Stratford-upon-Avon, where William Shakespeare was born … Shakespeare apparently wrote a couple of decent plays back in the day. He wasn’t there when we met, though, they tell me he’s been dead for a few centuries now. In any case, like the bard, the brothers and I exchanged some epics. In our case it was epic conversations about life, faith and church. It was a brilliant weekend. 

The following week I was with another band of brothers and we travelled to see even more brothers in Stafford. I have nothing to offer in reference to Stafford as a town in England, but we were there, so that’s a good reason for its popularity. What I love about being with a band of brothers on a journey is the journey. I get to learn so much from these kinds of journeys. The conversations, what’s inside me that comes out and what emerges from others. It was great being with this band of brothers who I can see more regularly. 

There’s been a birthday party that I had the genuine honour of attending. This is something significant for me to admit because I am not usually one for parties at all. Yet this one was fun and was spent with some beautiful people. It was a time to appreciate good relationships. That theme was apparent throughout the month and I am grateful for those relationships that made the month a good one especially considering other challenging circumstances. 

The month saw the launch of a a relationship initiative in our area and those initial weeks of the initiative were a good foundation. Just to learn how to do life together. Learn each other. Pray together. Explore together. That has been great. I hope it will continue in the same vein in the coming weeks and months and years. 

February has plenty for me to offer thanks to God for His goodness to me. Here’s March, though, and my prayer is that it will go even better than February. Relationship will be fundamental to that – especially the deepening relationship with God. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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