Psalm 57 – Praising Through the Night

It’s an odd response when you look at it. You’re cornered by your enemy. You’re in constant hiding and your life is on the line. In the cry out to God on the situation there is a refrain of praise. There is a desire for God to get the glory out of your situation. It’s head scratching because surely you’re more focused on getting out of the very tough spot you find yourself in. But no, in the darkness of the cave with life looking in the night situation, there is a wider perspective going on. That perspective is seen in praise. 

It reminds me of the episode in Acts where Paul and Silas are in a prison in Philippi under instructions to be well kept. In those difficult conditions the two men capture the interest of their fellow inmates by singing praises to God. Such is the interest that even when an earthquake pops in and leaves them in a position to do a runner, Paul reassures the prison officer whose about to kill himself thinking that he has lost his captives that they are all still present and correct. Their behaviour in shackles was as though the physical shackles meant nothing because they were free in God. 

It’s that degree of confidence the Psalmist expresses in his refrain. It is that understanding of how we can praise Him through the night that might make all the difference in our journey of life. The honest appraisal of his circumstance is also topped by an acknowledgement that however bad the situation is, our God is greater and so His praise being seen around the world remains of paramount importance. 

Oh for that praise perspective to help us through the night. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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