Psalm 55 – To Be Honest 

On initial reading of this Psalm it doesn’t appear that the writer got the memo about loving the enemy, unless the term ‘love’ is broad enough to fit the desire to see your enemy finished off in the most horrific way imaginable. Let’s not get it twisted, the writer is talking about a person in verse 15.

A very dear friend who also happens to be a great human being pointed out how being authentic sometimes invites scandal which is why often people prefer to leave being that honest. Once again, however, this Psalm does great in showing genuine authenticity of thought and emotion is a legitimate form of expression to God as long as it remains in the context of a trusting relationship with God.   

It’s the freedom to be that honest in that context that helps us connect with what’s going on without the need for specifics. Here is a writer whose life is messed up by his former trusted and dearest confidant betraying him to an extreme degree. It is something of significance and so this vivid and emotional response can be poured out whilst at the same time in order all learning to trust God in every aspect of life. 

Oh for the heart to be that vulnerable and authentic in our engagement as we learn to trust Him. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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