Psalm 54 – When Stuck Between A Rock and A Hard Place 

In tricky times it is understandable to turn to something you trust to help you. When experience witters away the things we can trust as they prove insufficient, so we find it becomes less about looking for something that can help us get over the issue and more about coping mechanisms in the situation. Sometimes those very coping mechanisms actually keep us entrenched in the situation. 

When you come across something trustworthy and it can help you actually deal with the situation at hand, this can change your very complexion. The Psalmist evidently knew who he could trust in during this very difficult time. 

1 Samuel 23 recounts the circumstances that inspired the Psalm. During his days as a fugitive, David sought to escape the clutches of King Saul. Many acknowledged that Saul’s pursuit was ridiculous, however there were also a number who wanted to keep in the good graces of the King. In doing so they opposed the fugitive David in his bid to lay low. This was the case in the episode that inspired the Psalm, because it looked like the guy was stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

That he had the wherewithal to call to his God says much about him, made all the more remarkable because he was a young man up against the full force of the system. Yet he put his trust in the King that could overrule any earthly authority. It’s worth noting that the Psalmist makes his petition and expression of trust before the resolution of the situation. His confidence is expressed before the rescue mission takes place. 

It’s another reason to appreciate Psalms like these when we likewise may feel as though we are being cornered by various opposition. It doesn’t stop you feeling anxious and nervous at times, it reassures you however to remember where your trust can remain even in the middle of the tough times. He is someone who can be trusted to see us through. He can be trusted not as a coping mechanism, but as the one who will rescue us and give us victory over the enemy. 

For His Name’s Sake 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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