Psalm 44 – What’s That All About, God?

Fear the Lord, reverence His name. This is the Lord, the Creator of the universe who historically has established the people and done great works in making them who they are.

Indeed due reverence is given to God at the beginning and the end of this Psalm. It’s the meat of this Psalm that is riveting though. Having established the context of a faithful and mighty God, the writers get into it in presenting their case. For all the victories they have enjoyed, they are now experiencing some serious setbacks.

Understandably in the circumstance there’s reflection to see if there’s any sin that’s been committed that would be a reason for the defeats. It’s all the more remarkable then that the answer is no – that is to say they are suffering setbacks despite still serving God wholeheartedly. What do we do in that situation?

It’s instructive in this situation that the Psalmist does not sidestep the situation. He doesn’t make excuses for God. There is honesty and respectful confrontation in the matter. “What’s up with this, God?”

What makes it respectful, however, is that ongoing knowledge that He can depend on God, He can trust God, he can cry out to God to help him. This is not a Psalm with the outcome assured, this is not a Psalm with a happy ending. This is another Psalm in the middle of sticky situation. It’s great to know that these songs are here for us when we don’t have the answers and where spouting sentiments isn’t going to cut it.

It’s great to know we can express this humble and respectful honesty with God when we’re going through.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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