Psalm 40 – Keeping the Light on in the Night

A number of the Psalms have worked on a basis of night to day. The darkness of oppression and opposition turned into the light of deliverance and restoration.

This Psalm, however, seems to go the opposite way. The Psalm starts well enough in the warm light of day reflecting on just how good God is. Not only that but in that light how beautiful it is to commit your ways to the Lord and look to do His will.

Then, however, the scene changes and the Psalmist speaks of the great opposition looking for his downfall. As the night threatens to overwhelm him, his resort is to reach for the light in the darkness. That light of looking to the Lord to uphold, restore, rescue and protect him under such trying circumstances.

The heart of the Psalm is the source of the light of the Psalm – that dedication to do what God wants and do it wholeheartedly. Therein is the key that would be expressed in what the Messiah would work out in His time on earth. It’s the way we can have the light shining when we are poor and needy, the desire to do what the Lord wants in the hope and knowledge that He is there to guide us and rescue us.

As the day turns to night, let’s keep reaching for the light.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden


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